Calculate your GPA


To calculate your GPA using simply enter your course credit hours and the grade you go. The course name is optional and you don't need it in order to calculate your GPA. It exists entirely for your own reference.

Once you have put in your hours and grades just click on the big blue Calculate GPA button. You probably would have figured that out yourself, but just in case.

You can add as many grades and courses as you would like. If there aren't enough inputs on the screen simply click on the + Add more button. If you have more inputs then you need don't worry about it, just leave them blank.

After you enter your information your screen should look something like this:

Your results should look like this:

That's all there is to it.

How your GPA is calculated

Every grade has a number value called a grade point associated with it. An A for example has a value of 4.0 while a D has a value of 1.0. You grade is calculate by multiplying your grade the number of course hours, adding up all your courses and averaging them out by dividing it by the total number of course hours.

Say for example you entered the following information:

Course Name Credit Hours Grade
Algebra 10 C-
Reading 5 B-
Science 3 C+

The first step is to lookup the number value of the grades:

Grade Number
C- 1.7
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3

With that information, here is the step by step walk through:

For Algebra 10 hours x 1.7 = 17
For Reading 5 hours x 2.7 = 13.5
For Science 3 hours x 2.3 = 6.9

The sum of all 3 courses is 17 + 13.5 + 6.9 = 37.4
The total number of course hours is 10 + 5 + 3 = 18

So your GPA is 37.4 ÷ 18 hours = 2.08 (rounded off to 2 decimal places)

More on how your GPA is calculated

This caculator will give you a pretty good idea of what your GPA is. GPA stands for "grade point average", it generally ranges form 0.00 to 4.00. 4.00 indicating you got an A in every course. I'll leave you to guess what 0.00 means.

The calculator can't be exact because different schools might assign different slighly numbers to different grades. For example we value a D+ at 1.3, while your school might value it at 1.4 or 1.5.

Also not every grade get's counted. For example while an F has a value of 0 and would bring down your GPA. A "grade" of P (pass) and W (withdrawal) do not count towards your GPA at all.

Here is a full list of the grades that count towards your GPA.

Grade Number
WF (see below)0.00

WF stands for "Withdrawn, Failing". You would get a WF grade if you drop out of a course where your grade averaged an F and it's past the withdrawal grace period for the class. You must repeat the course to prevent the WF from becoming an F on your transcript.

Here are some additional grades you might recieve that do not count towards your GPA.

Grade Description
PPassing grade on a Pass/No Pass
NPNon-passing grade. See line above.
IIncomplete sometimes W is used instead.
WWithdrawal, same as I above.

You might elect to take a Pass/No Pass course if you don't want that course to affect your GPA. For example if you are exploring an interest outside your major. Or if you are trying to fufill General Education requirements.

A common reason you might get a incomplete grade (I) on a course is if you had to drop the course due to a medical emergency or a death in the family. That said, the reason can be any reason accepted by the instructor. Depending on the school you are allowed up to one year to work with the instructor to complete the course otherwise it becomes an F.

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